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Become a Validator

In order to seal blocks and become a validator, you will need an active validator key. A validator key is nothing more than a hash number you can use to connect your node to a bridging layer node, which will validate your key and conceive your node the 'right to mine' and seal blocks for the network. You will still be able to run your own node without a validator key.
As there are no hard cap on how many validator keys can exist, we have put in place a soft cap on the issuances in order to better manage any network problems and eventual bugs on the first months of the network's operation. That are currently 8 active validator keys, of which, one is held by Nova Network Inc. and seven by independent validators. We intend to steadily increase the number of validators as the network matures, and all public releases will be announced in advance in order to promote fair bidding opportunities for aspiring validators.

Minimum Requirements

There are a few requirements you will have to meet before you can request your validator key, and there are also active and constant monitoring after you have set up your validator node in order to ensure you are meeting the ongoing maintenance requirements.

Requesting a Validator Key:

  • Have consigned at least SNT 625,000 with Nova Network.
  • Have KYCd with Nova Network - your information will remain private and undisclosed.
  • Have the technical skills, knowledge, and equipment required to setup, run, and maintain a Nova Network node.
  • Have signed a Validator Services Provider Contract with Nova Network.

Maintaining Validator Status:

  • Ensure at least 99% uptime for the node.
  • Ensure at least 50% uptime for mining.
  • Be available and easily contactable, either directly or via representatives, 24/7.
  • Ensure the machine running the node always has enough space to store a full record of the blockchain’s transactions history.
  • Use only official, authorised, and recommended software/tools/scripts to setup, run, and maintain the node.
  • Act in good faith to always protect the integrity of the network.
  • Always promote price stability for the network’s native token.

Nebula Testnet

For becoming a Nebula Testnet validator all you need to do is to request a validator key directly with our support team after you have setup your node.