Run a Node

Before You Start

Nova Network is incredibly light on its hardware requirements, and you don't need a super high-end machine to set up and run your full node. These requirements might change as the network usage increases. So, as a node manager, it's worth to keep yourself updated with the latest requirements.
This method only supports Ubuntu Linux.

Minimum Requirements:

  • CPU With 2+ Cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • 200GB of free storage to sync with Nova Network
  • 8 MBit/sec download Internet service
  • Fast CPU With 4+ Cores
  • 16GB+ RAM
  • High Performance SSD with at least 1TB free space
  • 25+ MBit/sec download Internet service

Deployment Environment Considerations

This tutorial assumes you are running a clear and fresh image of Ubuntu Linux 20.04 or newer, on a hosted Virtualised Private Server (VPS), and are accessing it via SSH.
You will need both ports 30303 and 8545 open for TPC and UDP.
We strongly recommend you to use a fresh instance of Ubuntu, as old files, programs, and folders might affect the environment variables, making this tutorial not applicable or efficient.

Installing Packages

The only package you need to pre-install is the Git CLI to clone the repository from Github. Our automated scripts will take care of the rest.

Cloning Nova Network Repository

Now we have all the required packages in place, you will have to clone the network's repository to then install it and start running your node. Go to your $home directory and run one of the commands below:

If you are setting up a Nova Network node...

git clone && cd go-nova

If you are setting up a Nebula Testnet node...

git clone && cd go-nebula

Building and Starting

We have made the process of building and installing Nova Network easy and simple with automated scripts. You will find a full list of available script commands below, but for installing your node all you need to do after cloning this repository is to execute the following scripts, in order:
First, run the nodeInstall script to install all the dependencies.
Then you open a detached screen so you can run your node and connect to the JS Console in the same machine.
Now you start your node using the nodeStart script.
All done! Your node should have started syncing by now, and once all blocks are imported, you will have a fully operational node. You can use Ctrl + A + D to detach the screen and leave the node running in the background.

Available Script Commands

All the commands listed below are bash scripts our team has compiled to facilitate the usage of Go Nova. Some of the scripts below will require CHMOD 777 to work properly, and we always recommend running them using sudo. - Builds Go Nova inside the build/bin folder. - Deploys Go Nova, making it globally available. - Installs all the node dependencies, builds and deploys Go Nova. - Starts a local node with the standard parameters. - Starts a full node. - Starts a RPC node on port 8545 with HTTP and WS enabled.