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Continuous Development

The Continuous Development program is tailored to serve two main purposes for platforms that have already deployed and are operating on Nova Network, preferably those that have not participated in any previous grant schemes before:
1) To provide the funding necessary for expansion and general research and development for the implementation of new functionalities; and
2) To provide emergency infrastructure and liquidity support for platforms that have a strong following and community but are going through a negative cashflow period that may force them to halt or cease operations;

Who can apply?

The minimum requirements below will apply for any funding applications:
  • Have already deployed and are operating on Nova Network for at least 3 months;
  • Have helped promoting Nova Network and its ecosystem via its own social media and community platforms;
  • Have a strong community - we will assess this mainly by looking at your Discord, Twitter, and Telegram communities, with emphasis in how active is your community and how they support your project and platform;
  • Have a proven roadmap and strategy to become cashflow positive in the next 3 months, and have enough following, TVL, and/or volume to support your claims;
  • Are not present, and do not intend to be present in other networks in the future, other than to funnel users and activity to Nova Network mainnet;
If you are not sure if you meet the requirements, we encourage you to apply anyhow, so we can assess your situation on a case-by-case basis.

Collateral Posting

You can partially (or fully) collateralise your grant application with your own token. This can lessen the inherent risks to Nova Network, and might make the approval of your request more likely. Tokens used to collateralise applications are sent to our treasury, and used in accordance to our Treasury and Financial Responsibility policies.

How to apply?

You can apply via our Official Application Form, that can also be accessed directly via our documents library. Applications submitted by any other means will be immediately dismissed.
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