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Sponsored Partnerships

The Sponsored Partnerships program aims to promote engagement with fellow networks, platforms, and applications, for cross-marketing promotional campaigns, as well as low-tiered funding for giveaways and non-binding partnerships.

Who can apply?

Any projects and/or platforms interested on promote and be promoted by Nova Network, that meet the criteria below:
  • Are NOT paid shill social media agencies - we do not engage with those;
  • Are NOT looking for paid reviews on Youtube or any other social media platforms - we do not engage on paid reviews of any kind;
  • Are NOT centralised exchange listing agents;
  • Are legitimate and well established projects, with proven history and track-record;
  • Have a clear and objective partnership proposal;
  • Have a clear and measurable objective if a giveaway is part of your proposal - plain giveaways without a clear strategy will be immediately dismissed;
Partnership proposals that do not involve funding will always be fast-tracked, and much more likely to be approved.
Priority will be given to any platform that are either integrating with one of our official platforms or deploying on Nova Network.

How to apply?

You can apply via our Official Application Form, that can also be accessed directly via our documents library. Applications submitted by any other means will be immediately dismissed.
Last modified 11mo ago